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I used to do in Dębica. But what do I need city life for. I would never move to town. The forests suit me best, and that's it.

At the beginning, I started working on horses. I was plowing a tree with a park horse near Lublin. I was so drawn into this forest. Both the forest and the forest.

Then I returned to the Bieszczady Mountains. A bit at a construction site, and then in the forest I was picking up a tree again.

Finally someone came and asked if I would go on fire. I replied that I cannot smoke. And I have learned.

I have been smoking since September 2006. I live here all year round.



Once a woman came and asked me when the trout would be there. She thought that when the smoke goes up, she smokes. She didn't know what was going on.

Finally I ask - Do you grill? - Yes, I do. - Do you know what charcoal looks like? - I know - And this is the kind of coal we make.

T WHO then took me an hour.

Anyone who goes to the store and buys coal thinks that they have it. But get yourself a coal straight from the stove. This is only coal.

It's just garbage there. The best is beech. Hornbeam is also good, but you would have to mix it with alder, because it gives too much heat.

And the alder holds back a little. And the beech is just right. 1100 degrees yield beech, and hornbeam even up to 1500 degrees.

You do Friday, Christmas and Sunday. You drive around the clock. Sometimes a TIR will arrive on Sunday and need to be loaded. I am loading 16 tons.

It goes to all of Poland: Zielona Góra, Warsaw, Jelenia Góra, Białystok ... They also reload and go abroad.

But in Poland they only smoke in the Bieszczady Mountains. And still in Ukraine. We smoke here: Cisna, Stuposiany, Wetlina, Bircza, Jureczkowa.

In dozens of places.

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It is best if a tree is in stock for two years. Covered and should be ventilated. Then it works perfectly. But it burns a lot and goes on a regular basis. They cut and go raw here. There is no time to lie in the warehouse.

The kiln enters 12 meters of wood, sometimes 7 tons and sometimes 9 tons of wood. It depends on the genre. And after firing, about a ton of coal comes out. You have to do a lot of work a day. When the two of us burn, we could burn even over forty tons of coal a month. It works out like this: you have to load the oven and choose it. A job for the day.

There is alder, ivy and birch on the rear councilor (in the back), and beech on the top. But it is different. You give it as it goes. You don't choose. The coniferous tree has no yield. Thick coal comes out, and you take out 400 kg from the stove. There is no point in smoking. The aspen is the worst. She is like feathers. I had two stoves once. Then let his blood flood him.

I charge the stove for up to three hours. In the middle there are bagpipes (unburned tree) and sacks. Then it is poured with oil and lit with a lighter. But it doesn't have to be oil. Then you need more newspapers. The fire has to show behind, because if I show myself in front, it's a bit wrong. The door is open for several hours. The same goes for a flap at the top, chimneys and skirts. The skipper catches air and the chimney lets out smoke. Then I close the door, turn it, cover it and cover it with clay.

There is a hatch at the top and two power ups. When the hatch closes, the afterburners close. He will walk 3-4 hours on the main hatch, then the hatch closes completely and the afterburners and goes to the chimneys. And the stove is hot on top. Bad shoes will only last a month. And the military ones are over a year old. As for the stove, I only wear military ones, because my gum does not melt. And the bad ones melt right away.

A chimney, a mini-bowl, a chimney, a mini-chimney… six chimneys, six skirts. I'll see if I'm on fire at night. As you can already see the heat, you need to cover up the omission. Because when there is heat, our coal will burn out. And then he walks quietly on the chimney. It's worst when the wind blows. Because it pulls to one side. And then you have to pull and pull the other side. You can burn up to fifty hours.

You have to check the stove every few hours. You open this main lid and just check where you have the coal and where you have the jackets. You check with a tick. It goes inside the coal, but not in the bag, because it knocks. And you know which way to direct the lid so that it burns where it needs to be. And you let him go half the lid. Here's a complication. I already do it by feeling. I know what is going on. When the tree is burned out after about forty hours, the stove must cool down. It is easy in winter, because if the snow does not fall, the temperature is low. In addition, the stove has drainage, because the tree is wet or frozen. But in summer you have to pour water already. And dehydration is not done. Six buckets in the chimneys and twenty-four up. But it depends on how it evaporates. Then it cools down quickly.

If you don't have a bag, you don't have coal. It stays had. Just peas. If there is a kobuch, it is thick and heavy. They must be there. The standard of the furnace is about 65 bags. It comes into the bag of 15-16 kg.

One furnace will not always do the same for you. I liked the stove that is now standing. Lame, that little boy. He walked beautifully. It was almost a ton and a half. And from that Boćka, because he has a door on the other side and he is narrow and long. But he gives less. Each stove has a name. From the front there is the First, then Stork, Kwadraciak, Kulawy, Stork, Beczka and the Last.

There is no smoker who smokes equally. Everyone smokes differently. I had three teachers and each of them taught me a different smoking regime. From these three, I have now chosen my own. I can see how it is burning in the chimneys. After the smoke.


If you fall into the furnace, you won't come out. This year or that year, the siblings have gone. The guy went. His watch has fallen. He walked in and she stayed. The sister wanted to save him and she came in too. It was not on fire, but it was cool. There was also another one that was so smart. He couldn't open the door. He wanted to open it from the inside. He went in and stayed there. If I had diamonds, diamonds, I would never go in. After opening the door properly, you should wait about five minutes. The mountain never opens because the coal may catch fire.

That finger was broken. I got out of the car and crunch. He broke. I continued to load bags. When he was moving, why would he go to the hospital. It grew up somehow.

A tourist trail runs here and as soon as the season starts and every now and then tourists pass. And they ask, they take photos. Some people are disturbing, but if I am myself, it will be very sad.

Remember one thing, the furnace cannot be ruled. This is the rule. Oh has no right to rule you. The fire is to go wherever you want.

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Four Seasons

When it is minus twenty, it is also done. Only hand in the cold. The temperature doesn't bother me. This climate is favorable to me.

You see me walking: a sweater, a T-shirt and a jacket.

And sometimes I even walk in the cold without a sweater, only in a T-shirt and a jacket, because it's getting warm right away.

And it has to be a cap.

It is best to work in spring and fall. Neither too cold nor too hot.

In September it is free, because those who take the coal go on vacation and then there is no firing.

In winter, not everyone works. Not everyone has a tree.

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Coal burners in the Bieszczady Mountains

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