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The stories are in us.

Unlimited photo opportunities

in your own backyard.


How to organize the simplest studio, how to use natural light,

how to portray emotions, how to see the landscape behind the house ...


Online meeting

Deadline: June 11, 2021 at 18: 00-21: 00

Price: PLN 150.


The stories are in us.

For many years I have traveled the world, photographing far from home. When the world stopped, me with him.

I was able to see the world around me at my fingertips. It started in Mexico, the Yucatan. She stopped us there

"pandemic". I was filming. This is how the movie "I am" was made (see below). After returning to Poland, I started to create at home,

in the yard and in the forest behind the house (see the movies below).


Landscape, portrait, family reportage, still life, documentary ... So much per square kilometer!


How can keeping a photographer at home and in the immediate vicinity affect the creative process?

It is enough to change your thinking, open up to new ones, learn about solutions that we have not heard about before.

Maybe it is worth changing your view on other photos or starting experimenting with your perception of reality?

I will share my experience with you, but most of all we will talk about the change.

You will see what new I tried and what effects I obtained.



Link to the video guide, in which I present the implementation of photography at home (see the film "Creative Process" below).

And she started the creative process that led me to end an old project.


The meeting will last 3 hours. It will be an exchange, a change and a new experience.

For the equivalent of 10 coffees, you have the opportunity to meet in a closed group of people who inspire each other.

If you've heard about synapses and neurons in the brain, it's worth getting used to the term neuroplasticity.

Throughout our lives, our brain has the ability to change and reorganize in response to stimulation,

which accompanies learning and gaining experience.

This means that if you feel burned out in photography or you are standing in front of a wall, it is worth meeting and talking about it.

Imagine a new spark appears or the wall is falling apart.

Included in the price, I invite you to a closed group on Facebook - Light Keeper Network.

And in it I share knowledge that I do not publish on the web.



tel. 519 119 575


The film was made during a "detention" in Mexico.

Sitting by the window in the house, the idea arose.

Implementation in the same room.


Going for a walk near the house or going for a ride

to the village next door, such a film could be made.

The photos were taken in the woods behind the house.

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