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Live according to the curriculum vitae that you would like to write for yourself

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Workshop on personal development

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Host: Krystian Artur Bielatowicz (Light Keeper),

experienced photographer and filmmaker.



What is the importance of childhood in our lives?

How important are symbols (power animals, legends, fairy tales)?

And how to read them?

What is behind the law of attraction?

How do emotions and feelings work in creating our reality?

What are the programs and filters that block us from being ourselves?

What is shamanism?

Can you really heal yourself?

Fear and its consequences. What's behind the fear abroad?

How is the process from creating thoughts, gaining knowledge to experiencing our creation?



For the workshop, please contact:

If you have any questions, please call: 519 119 575


I am currently working on another document: Roots.

About my work, but not only, I invite you to watch the documentary interview,

realized for Szeroki Kadr.


For several years I have been photographing various cultures. It is the result of my passion for ancient civilizations,

that is why I studied Archeology of America and Anthropology of Religion at the University of Warsaw.

I nks, Mayans, Aztecs, Huichols. I have traveled, among others in Peru, Mexico, Guatemala,

to discover myself who I am. I photographed and filmed shamans.

And thoughts, knowledge became experience. I sat down by the fire with the shamans.

I have experienced what I have read about.


I have been learning to be a husband for 20 years. We have four children (2, 7, 7 and 9 years old). I'm learning to be a father.

I'm learning to be a man. Parenthood and partnership are a daily practice in development

awareness and crossing one's limits of cognition. The cycle of life is endless.

So is our expanding our awareness.


The combination of parenting, photography, film, shamanism, exploring topics related to emotions, feelings, brain work and quantum reality created a moment in my life,

when I'm ready to tell you about it. Share your discoveries.

Each of them is the result of my experience, not only knowledge from books and movies.

One day will change so much. The meeting will be spiced up with art. Photographs and films will be the background

to discover who we are. Believe in yourself, trust yourself, accept yourself, love yourself.

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