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Filming course - online course  

Deadline May / June


The course is flexible. You can choose from 9 appointments. Each of them is a different shot from the filming.

You will learn all the secrets of creating moving pictures that I have learned. See my portfolio and if you feel that you would like to learn it, I will not let you down. I have carefully selected each meeting for you.

Photo Piotr Chara

The filming course consists of 9 online meetings. Each of them is 3 hours of intensive meeting with knowledge and experience.

More information coming soon.

Shot no. 1. The equipment, however, is important.

What equipment? What settings? About aperture, sensitivity and time. Color profiles.

Shot no. 2. Accessories important such as image stabilization and drones.

All about stabilization and accessories for that. What drone and how to film with it?

Shot no. 3. Conscious framing.

Composition, movement, light.


Shot no. 4. Sounds and music.

What microphones? How to work with microphones? Where can I find music? How the sound affects the picture.


Shot 5. The document doesn't need a script.

Everything about making documentaries and interviews.


Shot no. 6. I create a new one.

About documentary advertising, music video and creating from the head and heart.

Shot no. 7. How montage and color correction work.

Editor's thinking. How to film and edit at the same time? Plugins and plugins. Color correction.


Shot No. 8. I publish and earn.

Where to post your videos? How to develop your portfolio? How to find customers?


Shot no. 9. Meetings with your film.

This is a meeting especially for your films. In the group we will watch your materials and we will discuss. From my perspective, I will share my opinion and comments. The good ones and those that give a kick to change and development. This is a meeting that will exist for the course participants. It is up to you to decide if you want to show your materials and when. Maybe at the end of the course, or maybe in the middle?


A document can be as different as we are. Everyone is implemented differently. Every story is different.

I will show you what power is in the document and in each of us.

Below you will see the emotional documentary "I am". About me and Mexico from a different perspective.

The next film is a raw documentary about coal burners in the Bieszczady Mountains "Black Gold".

Documentary interviews. Merely conducting an interview is a based art

primarily on experience. There's a lot of psychology and self-understanding in it.


Below, I invite you to sample interviews conducted for Szeroki Kadr.

Interview with me, so that you can get to know me better and an interview with the great photographer Michał Korta.


There will be nature, travel and documentary films .

"Wild Kamchatka" is the first nature documentary that I made for the Olympus company.

The second film was made for a media house in Switzerland.

And perhaps one of the most interesting jobs I have ever done, namely the production of video clips.

I will tell you about their implementation and team work.

Certainly many of you would like to see how you work alone and in a group.


Here are two examples of commercial orders

For the course, please contact:

If you have any questions, please call: 519 119 575


Price for 1 meeting: PLN 200. gross

Price for 5 meetings: PLN 900. gross

Price for 9 meetings: PLN 1600. gross


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