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Quantum meetings


This is my original approach to education. As a result of meetings, amazing ones arise

solutions and new creations. At the end, you will read the participants' reviews.

I myself would not have expected such meetings a few years ago. You can look at photography from the point of view of composition, editing, etc. But when we combine photography, psychology, quantum physics, shamanism, science, our own experiences, all of this will bring us a solution. Answers to questions that arise before the meeting.

And the meetings do not have to be about photography or professional photography only. These are meetings for everyone. For a drone filmmaker, for any photography enthusiast, amateur filmmaker, etc. It's all about development. A step in the development of your passion, making your dreams come true. But also in developing mindfulness, seeing in reality the crystalline composition, beauty.


Do you feel like you are standing in front of a wall?

Don't know where to go next?

Are you lost in photography or film?

Do you want to take a step forward?

Are you having a crisis?


What would you say if photography was one of the keys to self-discovery?

Looking at your photos, stories of people and places,

which we have kept in the frames can make up a portrait of our figure.

Stories appear already in our first photos

about our emotions and feelings.

And they are fundamental in our lives.

They influence how we feel and what we experience.

F otografia can pull out of the darkness, raise morale, add wings, to experience something new,

discover the world from a different perspective.

There is so much behind photography.


Price: PLN 600. gross. 3 meetings. Each one is 60 minutes long.

or 1 meeting for PLN 200. gross



tel. 519 119 575


A higher level of photography. Quantum meetings are hourly online meetings. We meet three times.


Each meeting lasts an hour.

We meet when the participant is ready.

1st meeting - we talk about your photos that you send early (the so-called portfolio of about 20-30 photos) and I analyze them; topics to be discussed: composition, ideas for your projects, inspirations, processing; We talk about your style, which is what you really photograph and where you are going.

Implementation of photographic tasks between the 2nd and 3rd meeting.

II meeting - Conversation about the effects of work. We continue the topics raised at the first meeting. We go deeper into the psychological aspects.

3rd meeting. At this stage, we'll come to some very important conclusions about your photography. You will arrange in composing the image, you will understand photo processing in a more subtle way, you will be more consciously photographing and choosing your subjects and characters.

You will receive:

  • Summary of your photography through my experience and practical advice on changes, modifications and the way forward;

  • In a sense, resetting your current approach to photography;

  • A deeper analysis of what is behind the photography you are taking. From my point of view, every photographer kind of takes a photo of himself. He transforms himself with the tool of photography. Finding it helps a lot

in accepting your photography and loving it even more.

For courses and workshops, please contact:


Price : PLN 600. gross.

3 meetings. Each one is 60 minutes long.





When I saw that Light Keeper was proposing online meetings, I didn't hesitate for a moment.

I always wanted someone to look at my photos with a professional eye and say why there is no "something" in them,

why are they so "empty". I wanted to convey emotions, I wanted my photos to have depth, but I didn't know

how to go about it and what am I doing wrong. Today I am after the last (or maybe not 😉) meeting on-line with Light Keeper.

This experience changed my view of the art of photography forever. The facilitator opened my eyes, my mind

and my heart for the world around me and for the world in me. He revealed the secret of how to frame it,

it is located not only in my soul but also in my subconscious. It seems almost unreal but it is absolutely delightful.

It was the first time that I took pictures that I am absolutely sure have 100% everything they should have

and evoke the emotion I wanted. Of course, it would not be possible without the extensive experience

lecturer and my commitment. Absolutely certain of the added value of these meetings, to all those who go astray,

unsure or wanting to know the secret I learned I RECOMMEND LIGHT KEEPER 👈

And for the leader - THANKS a hundred times 🙏📸❤️




I met Krystian a few years ago at photography workshops in the Wieliczka Salt Mine and since then I have tried to

follow him. I knew that he was an experienced photographer and a person full of positive energy.

So when I saw three questions on his wall: "Do you feel that you are standing in front of the wall? You do not know where to go next?

Are you lost in photography? "I knew right away that Quantum Encounters was something worth trying.

These are questions that I have been unsuccessfully looking for answers to for several months. I wasn't looking for technical advice on how to shine,

which focal length to choose, I was looking for an answer to the question "why photograph?". At the outset, I even wrote

Krystian that I will not select twenty photos for evaluation because I want to talk about more philosophical problems.

However, ultimately, after being persuaded, I chose these twenty photos. Choosing a hundred out of forty thousand was not even difficult.

However, the rejection of another eighty is yes, and very much so. When one of your two favorite photos is rejected

new, non-obvious questions appear in the mind. Before the second meeting, I chose twenty other photos,

which were not even included in the previous top 100 During three meetings, we talked about the essence of photography,

we discussed my work, the work of Krystian and the work of other photographers. We talked about the process of creating

building stories, emotions and enjoying what you do. There was also a lot of constructive criticism.

Krystian is not a grandmother who will tell you "nice pictures of your grandpa" If there are any flaws, you will hear about them

but if something is great, you will also find out about it. After three meetings, I cannot say that I found the answer

to all my questions, but I know the direction I want to go further

In short: "It's worth talking to the Light Keeper"

Kamil Bazyluk


Thanks to conversations with Krystian, I discovered, or maybe he did, what is the cause of my uncertainty,

my standing still, less satisfaction with what I do.

We discussed not only technical and workshop aspects, but also the emotional and spiritual side.

About finding it in photography. About perfection.

Krystian is objective in assessing the photos. He did not just stop at what he liked, but also did not hesitate

point out mistakes or say "this is not talking to me".

I got a lot of practical advice, tips ... the rest is mine. It was three hours well spent.

When asked if it is worth participating in quantum talks, my answer will be short ... It's worth it!

I recommend


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