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For several years I have been observing the life of shepherds and juhas in Jaworki, in the Pieniny.

I photographed amazing people. Some have already passed away.

The tradition they have passed on for generations is still immortal.

And although I have heard that young people are not willing to work, the tradition still continues ...

After seventeen years, I was still observing the everyday life of the shepherd (portrait in the shepherd's hut) and of juhas Stanisław (portrait with buckets). And although there are several juhasas, hardly any remain for long. Living in the hall from late April to October, regardless of the weather, is not easy. Especially for young people who have a modern life to lose, which is now far from being close to nature and hard physical work.


The bucket has become a symbol of change.

In 2003, the buckets were metal.

They're plastic now.

Is it harder to photograph?

Otherwise, for sure.


The first SLR camera in 2009 made it possible to record movies.

And while the quality was terrible, it was the first step to filming.

Honorable Mention in the Newsweek Polska competition for the "Shepherds" photocast

and the beginning of cooperation with Szeroki Kadr in the field of documentary interviews

began my journey as a filmmaker.


I love symbolism. What does this scene with two hands bring to mind?


The drone shots are very picturesque.

I recommend viewing this publication on your computer screen. Not on the phone :)



Juhasi live in these shacks from April to October.

They sleep and watch if the wolves come to the sheep.

Dogs keep you warm on cold days ...



I knew from the beginning that I would show this world this way. I did not change my perspective after building a restaurant and a ski lift next to the shepherd's hut. Even though the world is changing, I hope my romantic outlook creates a calm and empathetic understanding of the traditions and beauty of our planet. We forgot that life is vibrant with the seasons and times of the day. We are more connected with the Earth than with the world that forgets about it and constantly creates new needs and pleasures.


The Press publishing house has released the album "Poland and the Poles".

The photos below are a publication of Shepherds in this beautiful album.

The gallery below presents all the photos from the book "Shepherds". Book presentation below.

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