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Portrait photography

How to make a good portrait.


I love to portray. You can watch some portrait videos below,

my work as a photographer and filmmaker.


I know from my experience in online education that 4 meetings is enough to take a step forward.

Big step.


That's why I'm browsing your photos. I show a lot of my portraits, both from large format,

medium format, digital SLR or telephone. Any equipment is good. But you will find out which is better under given conditions. What parameters are important, what equipment, what processing. How other photographers look.

And most of all, I will ask for work to be done at each meeting. You will learn from your portraits, your mistakes. After the last meeting, you will be portraying.


Individual lessons = PLN 125. per hour.

Price for 4 meetings = PLN 500.



tel. 519 119 575

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