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Video on the internet.

Composition. Light. Quality.


Do you conduct a live course, a meeting?

You are definitely great at this.

But maybe you are lacking in knowledge about

image, sound, light quality?

Do you want to learn to compose an image?


I will share my knowledge and experience with you.



Each live report, online course is not only words, content, stories. It is also an image, our image.And about it all speak about the frame, image and sound quality, colors, light, and our styling.


As a filmmaker and photographer, I would like to share my experience with you.

You will also learn from your mistakes. I will see your staff, advise on equipment,

we will set the light and sound. And I will teach you how to be attentive to many details,

how to frame, how to style the space.


Individual course.

1st meeting - equipment selection: camera, microphone, light. Image quality knowledge.

2nd meeting - image framing and space styling. Task to be done for the last meeting: preparation of 10 different frames and recording short speeches.

3rd meeting - Analysis of the films made. Assembly. Summary.


Price: PLN 150. for meeting.


For courses and workshops, please contact:

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