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Passion and dreams: Shepherds

Photo and book workshops


Deadline soon.

Price 1500 PLN.

We take photos in the shepherd's hut and in the hall.

We get to know the document, photo report, composition, editing, book design.


And above all, we kindle the fire of our passion. And we remember what it's like to dream. And how to make these dreams come true.


Photo workshop on documentary and photojournalism. For over a decade I have photographed topics,

which have been my dreams since childhood. Incas in Peru, shamans in Mexico. I dreamed of publication

in National Geographic. And so I came to the point when the cover of the National Geographic was illustrated by my photograph.

And over 20 pages in the Inca magazine. After many years, National Geographic published my material on shamanism

in Mexico and Guatemala. Dreams woven into reality. Passion and dreams are a new series of workshops. I start with a shepherd's hut.

Bacówka in Pieniny is my beloved place in Poland. Nature, tradition, people. I miss the meeting.

A meeting with a shepherdess, with the mountains, with the smell of a bonfire.

What do I suggest for you ?:

- Would you like to make a documentary or photojournalism, photography in general? You will learn what, how, where and why.

- Would you like to make your dreams come true? I will tell and show how I did it.

- Would you like to design your book and print it for free? You will see how and where.

You don't need to have thousands of zlotys for the entire project. This time we will also design books.

That is why I invited Piotr from Artibo Poland.


July, Jaworki, Pieniny.

We start on Friday. We meet at 15:00. We will meet at a delicious dinner.
On Friday, a block of lectures on photojournalism, documentary and book design.

Krystian Bielatowicz - photography and book design.
Piotr Piech - lecture on books / Artibo Polska (a portfolio consisting of various books will be available).

On Saturday we take photos outdoors from the morning. After the outdoors, we discuss the photos you took to go outdoors again

and just do it better, more carefully. Then we watch again, talk, edit and process the photos.

And we put together the first book (you can do it on any of your projects). Therefore, it is very good for you to take

your laptop and camera.

On Sunday morning open air. Then we design a book that you will be able to print for free at

in the ArtiBook No. 1.

During the workshop you will be able to see and touch many photo books, both from the Krystian collection,

and from the Artibo portfolio.

Meals: lunch and dinner on Friday, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday.
Overnight stay from Friday to Sunday. Double rooms.

Cost: PLN 1,500. per person for the workshop, food and accommodation. Printing the book on thanks to Artibo Polska.
Single room - extra PLN 100.



tel. 519 119 575

A film interview about photography and film


Opinions and reviews:


I was at a workshop in a shepherd's hut with Krystian. A valuable and developmental experience. I recommend it to anyone who wants to develop photography - by photographing (and not listening to taking photos).


Krystian is a guide. Gives guidelines and suggestions - shows the way. But as a participant you walk alone. Then discuss everything that happened.

There is a lot of practice at the workshops. Krystian balances the spheres: artistic, technical, developmental and human.

As a leader, Krystian is very open. It reacts dynamically to the group's needs and current conditions (e.g. weather). It does not moralize. He's not getting smart. He is not exaggerating. He proposes and leads.

Krystian was recommended to me by one of the most outstanding photographers in Poland - Jacek Poremba. And I have no illusions that it was an excellent recommendation.

Marcin Guzik



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